TELEFUNKEN Soundstage Presents: One Time Weekend


Saturday, January 19th @ 8pm

After three years of writing original music and touring the Northeast, One Time Weekend is releasing their debut album at the Telefunken Soundstage! Show your support and enjoy a night of food, drink, entertainment, and most music!

"While its sound may have roots stretching all over the sonic map – from reggae to jazz, funk, and rock – One Time Weekend is not afraid to bust out of the mold and allow its songs to take long, jam-filled walks. The band’s namesake song alone is a nine-minute opus that lets loose in all the right places." -Hartford Courant

Originally forming their groove in Collinsville, CT, members Ben Sullivan, Ian D’Arcangelo, Adam Eytan, and Zac Mulcahy combined their talent to create a fresh youthful vibe influenced by artists both past and present. The group has written many original songs that feature their funky, jazzy, rock, soul, rap, and reggae tastes while adding complexity to the mix, creating their own unique sound, and breaking the mold of modern contemporary music. When their music starts to tickle your ears it’ll make you wanna boogie down and shake ya tail-feathers to the groove!