The M81-WH is a wireless capsule head featuring the same physical and sonic characteristics as the M81.

The TELEFUNKEN M81 retains the same minimal proximity effect, superior feedback rejection, and articulate mid-range as the M80, however, the top end is pulled back a bit, yielding a flatter overall frequency response.

The M80-WH, M80-WHB and M81-WH are designed to mate with Shure Axient, UHF-R, ULX-D, QLX-D, ULX-S, SLX, PG, and PGX (NOT PGXD) wireless transmitters. They are not compatible with the BLX or GLXD wireless transmitters. In addition, the M80-WH, M80-WHB and M81-WH are also interchangeable with the Lectrosonic and Sony brand wireless transmitters.

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Additional M81 Universal Dynamic Microphones