Immersive Studio Experience

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik has partnered up with Power Station New England and the band Ripe to let you experience our products like never before. The entire session has been 3D mapped and turned into an interactive environment so you see and hear first hand TELEFUNKEN microphones in action.

Dive into the Immersive Studio Experience below!

Ripe - "Little Lighter"

Ripe - "Young Tom Rose"

The Band

Ripe is seven musical soulmates who refuse to believe in a single definition of dance music. They are an unstoppable groove, an extended moment of ecstatic release, the catalyst for taking “just another night” and elevating it into something else entirely. They are the swagger of funk filtered through a rock anthem, a musical journey that somehow gets as stuck in your head as your favorite pop banger.

The Studio

Power Station NE, located in Waterford, CT, was founded in 1995, based on the exact design and acoustics of the original Power Station in New York City. At the center of Power Station New England is the refurbished main recording space with signature 35-foot dome, plus four isolation spaces and the historic control room, which now features a vintage Neve 8068 MkII console. The console was restored to its original 1979 glory by Vintage King Audio and console legend Ed Evans, who worked at the original Power Station in NYC. The Neve console was originally installed at Electric Lady Studio in NYC in 1979, and most recently at Pachyderm Studios in Minnesota. The console played a role in historic recordings by such artists as John Lennon, AC/DC, Van Halen, and Nirvana. Power Station New England is located within the Sonalysts, Inc. media center, which houses five full production stages suitable for large scale concert rehearsal and multi-camera video production. Full crews, HD cameras and post-production is available onsite. The largest of five shooting stages is 15,000 sq. ft. with a 42’ ceiling.

Input & Product List

Kick In - M82 Kick & Broadcast

Kick Out - AK-47 MkII

Snare Top -  M81-SH

Snare Bottom - M80-SH

Rack Tom 1 - M81-SH

Rack Tom 2 - M81-SH

Floor Tom - M80-SH

Overheads - C12 (Pair)

Rooms - CU-29 Copperhead (Pair)

Drum Shell - U48

High Hat - ELA M 260

Drum Pad FX - TDP-1

Bass DI - TDP-2 (Channel 1)

Bass Amp - M82 Kick & Broadcast

Synth DI - TDP-2 (Channel 2)

GTR 1 Amp - M81 Universal Dynamic

GTR 2 Amp - M81 Universal Dynamic

GTR 2 Vocals - M81 Universal Dynamic

GTR 1 Vocals - M81 Universal Dynamic

Vocals - U48

Vocals FX - M81 Universal Dynamic

Trombone - ELA M 260

Trumpet - ELA M 260

Synth DI - TDP-2

Image Credit: Nick Sonsini; Patrick McManaman