Memphis May Fire

The Band

Memphis May Fire is an American metalcore band formed in Dallas, Texas and currently is signed to Rise Records. The band consists of vocalist Matty Mullins, lead guitarist Kellen McGregor, bass guitarist Cory Elder, and drummer Jake Garland. The band follows the sound of hope and compassion, delivered by a dedicated group of men striving for something greater than the world around them. Memphis May Fire is a clarion call to those who insist on bettering themselves, their loved ones and the conditions afflicting the world. It’s not about divisive politics, it’s not about polarizing debate — it’s about the transcendent power of love through heavy rock

Telefunken M80 Telefunken M80

What They're Using

On stage the group utilizes almost the entire range of Dynamic Series microphones. The M80-WH wireless dynamic capsule is lead vocalist Robbie Wulfsohn's go to microphone, while M81 Universal Dynamic microphones are featured for backing vocals and guitar cabinets.