Discontinued Products

The products listed below are no longer available for purchase, however, they are still able to be fully serviced and repaired by official TELEFUNKEN microphone technicians.

R-F-T Series

M16 MkII


The M16 Mk. II is a large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone with a 9-way pattern-selection switch on the PSU.

AK-47 Mk I


The Ak-47 Mk I amplified circuit is a custom design by Telefunken that utilizes the TK47 capsule, BV47 output trans former and a NOS TELEFUNKEN EF-732 tube.

M216 Matrix


The M216 Matrix feature two complete M16 amplifier circuits built into a single microphone system. Both capsule were designed with multi-pattern capabilities giving the system the ability to record in X-Y, Mid-Side, and Bumlein configurations.

M216 Stereo


The M216 Stereo is a similar design as the Matrix, however, the bottom capsule is fixed into cardioid polar pattern with the top capsule allowing multi pattern variability.

M216 X-Y


Much like the other mic in the M216 series the M216 X-Y features dual capsules enabling stereo recording, however both capsules are in fixed in cardioid polar patterns.

F Series Products

Designed as a lower cost alternative to the premium Diamond Series microphones, the F series did not feature all of the "Frills." The microphone's tube and amplifier circuit were identical to the Diamond Series.  The main differences in F Series microphone systems were:

• Use of TK-12 capsule, instead of the hand built CK-12 capsule.

• Imported "modern" power supply, rather than the historically accurate Made in the USA power supply.

• Finally packaging does not include the vintage style locking flight case.

ELA M 250F


F Series version of the ELA M 250, featuring Cardioid and Omnidirectional polar patterns.

ELA M 251F


F Series version of the ELA M 251, featuring Cardioid, Omnidirectional, and Bidirectional polar patterns.

Diamond Series

ELA M 250

The TELEFUNKEN ELA M 250 is the historically accurate recreation of the vintage model originally manufactured by AKG.

A distinguishing characteristic of the 250 is the two pattern capabilities (cardioid and omni) of the CK-12 capsule. The lack of the "E" or "Export" designation means the microphone features the renowned AC701 vacuum tube.

ELA M 250E

Almost the same microphone as the ELA M 250 featuring the same polar patterns, capsule, and amplifier circuit. The difference between the two systems is the GE 6072a vacuum tube utilized in the amplifier circuit.

ELA M 251

ELA M 270

Other Products



ELA M 14