Static and Surrender - "Mary Shelley"

This week we welcome Static and Surrender to the Lab! The four piece from California played their tune "Mary Shelley."

All of our R-F-T Series microphones were featured during this performance. To get more information on the AR-51, Ak-47 MkII, and CU-29 follow the link below.

R-F-T Series

The Juicy Grapes - "Infinity"

This weeks Live From the Lab features The Juicy Grapes! TJG are a Connecticut based group that plays music filled with dance-inducing rhythms and sultry harmonies.

This session showcases the entire dynamic line of microphones as well as the CU-29 Copperhead and the AR-51. For more information on our Dynamic Microphones such as the M80 and M81 click below!

Dynamic Microphones

The Shelters - "Rebel Heart"

Live From the Lab this week features The Shelters and their single "Rebel Heart."

This session features our entire series of dynamic and R-F-T microphones. To learn more about our AR-51, AK-47 MkII, and CU-29 click the link below!

R-F-T Series

One Time Weekend - "One Time Weekend"

One Time Weekend is an up-and-coming group from Connecticut. The young musicians have combined their talents to create a fresh and youthful vibe influenced by bands both past and present.

The M81 was used throughout this session on vocals, drums, and guitar. For more information of the Universal Dynamic mic click below!

M81 Universal Dynamic

Kate Callahan - "Love Rings Out"

Appointed as Connecticut’s official State Troubadour, Kate serves as an ambassador of music and song to promote cultural literacy to Connecticut citizens and tourists. She performs throughout the region making efforts to inspire messages of equality, solidarity, and justice.

This performance utilizes the ELA M 251 and the ELA M 260. To learn more about these amazing microphones follow the links below.

ELA M 251E       ELA M 260

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