The Wood Brothers - "Honey Jar"

After established careers performing in groups such as the jazz trio Medeski Martin & Wood and blues-based King Johnson, siblings Chris and Oliver Wood have joined forces to create the music with the blues, folk, and roots influences they once grew up with.

Featured during this session was the M81 Custom Shop "Oak" and "Cherry." Follow the link below for more details:

Dynamic Custom Shop

The Ballroom Thieves - "Only Lonely"

The Ballroom Thieves swung by the Lab with their song "Only Lonely." The trio from Boston finds a captivating mélange of acoustic styles, blending folk conventions with modern hymnals, delta blues grit with rich harmonies.

This session utilized the ELA M 260, our small diaphragm tube condenser that captures the natural presence of a sound source making it the ideal microphone for acoustic instruments.

ELA M 260 Series

Naugatuck High School - "Divided Sky" (Phish Cover)

We welcome the 2017 Naugatuck High School Percussion into the Lab! This group of talented young musicians performs an arrangement of “Divided Sky” originally written by Phish.

A tri-mono set of ELA M 260 was used in a Decca Tree configuration to record this session.

ELA M 260 Series

Static and Surrender - "Mary Shelley"

This week we welcome Static and Surrender to the Lab! The four piece from California played their tune "Mary Shelley."

All of our R-F-T Series microphones were featured during this performance. To get more information on the AR-51, Ak-47 MkII, and CU-29 follow the link below.

R-F-T Series

One Time Weekend - "One Time Weekend"

One Time Weekend is an up-and-coming group from Connecticut. The young musicians have combined their talents to create a fresh and youthful vibe influenced by bands both past and present.

The M81 was used throughout this session on vocals, drums, and guitar. For more information of the Universal Dynamic mic click below!

M81 Universal Dynamic

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